Meet the Fellows: LEONIE JAHN

Let’s meet Leonie Jahn, who works in Dr Morten Sommer’s group on metabolism and antibiotic resistance!


The group I am doing my PhD in is quite diverse in its research. We try to contribute to small step solutions for global problems such as climate change or antibiotic resistant bacteria. We do so by finding sustainable alternatives for the production of certain chemicals or by studying the evolutionary mechanisms leading to antibiotic resistance.


I love the diversity of activities that come along with research


My project falls in the field of antibiotic resistant bacteria. I had no doubt to start a PhD since I love the diversity of activities that come along with research: the critical thinking that result in a lot of unsolved questions, the creative part of designing experiments to answer those questions, doing practical work in the laboratory (sometimes mindless but meditative, sometimes frustrating but challenging and often fun), analyzing data, interpreting and visualizing results as well as communicating them in presentations or publications. In addition, I like to work in an international environment, where it is normal to talk to people from almost all continents every day. In my free time I like reading, documentaries or podcasts to all sorts of topics (psychology, physics, philosophy, politics, literature, art, history etc), yoga and spending a lot of time with family and friends.

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