Aptamers 2016 – Oxford, UK

Adam Mol  was in Oxford at the beginning of the month for the Aptamers Conference. To find out more about this conference, check out @LPMHealthcare,  @AptamerSociety or #AptaOx16 on twitter.

Gladly, I would like to announce that on 04-05 April, I participated in Aptamers 2016: 3rd Oxford symposium on Aptamers. The meeting took place at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, UK. This year the symposium chair was Professor Beatrix Suess from Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.

aptamer conf 1

Aptamers 2016 was an excellent symposium! It brought together academic and industrial aptamer researchers. During the meeting, therapeutic, diagnostic, analytical as well as basic research applications of aptamers were addressed. The symposium was divided into five sessions:

  1. SELEX – New technological developments
  2. Small molecule binding aptamers – Characterization and their application for gene control
  3. Aptamers as diagnostic tools
  4. Therapeutic aptamers
  5. Further Technologies

aptamer conf 2

Especially I would like to highlight talks by metaRNA members:

Professor Beatrix Suess from TU Darmstadt, Germany with talk Application of aptamers in the control of alternative splicing by engineered riboswitches and presentation Improved aptamer identification and optimization by usage of next generation sequencing by Dr Michael Blank, AptaIT, Germany.

Now attention all who do SELEX! As extremely interesting and new for me was FRELEX method. FRELEX. free-free selection of aptamers was presented by Dr. Gregory Penner, President & CEO, NeoVentures Biotechnology Inc, Canada. FRELEX is a new platform for aptamer discovery. It is probably revolutionary?! selection method does not require immobilization of target molecules or aptamer libraries!

More about others speakers and their talks can be found here: http://libpubmedia.co.uk/aptamers-2016/speakers-agenda/aptamer conf 3

Finally, the poster presentation gave the opportunity to present research and interact with the participants of the symposium. I presented the poster entitled Conditional control of splicing by synthetic riboswitches. Below on the picture me (in the
) interacting with Professor Taiichi Sakamoto (on the left) from Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan and Associate Professor Takashi Nagata (on the right) from Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto, Japan.

aptamer conf 4

Waiting for the next gorgeous meeting!!!


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