MetaRNA at the 9th Young Scientist Symposium 2016

On the 26th and 27th May 2016, MetaRNA was present at 9th Young Scientist Symposium 2016 in IECB – Pessac (France). Stefano briefs us on the topics that were discussed at this meeting and tells us a little about what he presented there.

Mixing chemistry and biology, the YSS, as the name suggests, is organised for young researchers from both disciplines and from all over the world. With several oral sessions and two poster sessions, PhD students got the opportunity to present their work, discuss the presented research among themselves and with invited researchers from industry and academia.

MetaRNAers Stefano and Sara at the poster session.

All the talks presented an interdisciplinary research approach by combining both chemistry and biology.. This year, we had talks concerning:

  •    Nucleic Acids
  •    Supramolecular Chemistry
  •    Chemistry of 5 senses
  •    Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  •    Genomics
  •    Cancer and Physiology
  •    Career, Industry, Scientific Journalism

I had the opportunity to present some of my results of my PhD project in the first session. My talk was titled Biophysical characterisation of RNA-metabolite complexes by native mass spectrometry.

Stefano giving his talk at YSS.

A few of the MetaRNA members will soon meet again in Bordeaux at the Aptamers in Bordeaux with talks from Beatrix Suess, Jean-Jacques Toulmé, Günter Mayer and posters from Adrien Boussebayle and Stefano Piccolo.

See you soon!

Sara and Stefano



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